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Listing your products and services on True Heroes is a great way to give back to the community while gaining new customers and increasing revenue for your business!

Be the ‘go-to’ business to our members

True Heroes is a fantastic opportunity to earn the loyalty of a vast number of nurses and carers Australia wide. True Heroes is the go-to place for our members when looking for products and services.

Be seen by a loyal community of nurses and carers both locally and nationally

Aussie nurses and carers come from all walks of life and are made up of all ages and backgrounds. Be seen directly by our members and be part of a loyal community of people.

Listing your business in the True Heroes Discount Directory is a unique opportunity to promote your products and services directly to our members and at the same time - show gratitude to our Aussie heroes by providing an incentive for them to use your business



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Who You'll Reach

Our members are from all walks of life and our Discount Directory is location based. Members use keywords in order to find a product or service they are looking for. Businesses in and around the members location will appear in the search results ... Simple!


Our members include enrolled nurses, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, midwives, hospital staff, and allied health professionals from a variety of different ages and backgrounds.

Carers & Health Professionals

Carers, support staff and management in industries such as personal care, home care, aged care, child care and many more.

Eligible Tertiary Students

True Heroes members also consist of a variety of different students across Australia who are actively studying the profession of Nursing or Personal Care in a tertiary institution.

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